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Machine Design

Add A Robot To An IMM

An injection-molding function package lets processors put robots into 100 to 6,000-ton injection-molding machines (IMMs) with less installation and engineering time.

The package is optimized for KS shelf-mounted injection-molding robots. It includes an SPI interface between the IMM and robot, a Festo DeviceNet Valve stack with vacuum generators, and complete energy supply and pneumatic tubing from the robot base to the sixth axis faceplate. End-of-arm tooling can be connected with no additional accessories. Six-axis robots have 3 to 500-kg payloads and 635 to 3,700-mm reaches, all controlled from a common PC-based platform.

Kuka Robotics Corp. USA, 2250 Key Dr., Clinton Township, MI 48036, (866) 873-5852,

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