Motion System Design

Additive protects gear oils from corrosion

A new anti-corrosion additive for hydraulic and lubricating oils protects equipment during operation and intermittent shutdowns. Cortec Corp.'s M-530 is used with mineral and synthetic-based oils to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including steels, aluminum, brass, copper, cadmium, magnesium, silver, zinc, solder, tin, lead, and bronze.

Cortec M-530 does not harm working properties of oils; instead, it can improve viscosity, oil and water separability, lubricity, and thermostability. The additive is thermally stable, which helps prevent high-temperature oxidation and corrosion to yellow metals. It displaces chlorides and passes through 5 μm filters.

The additive is formulated with VpCI technology for vapor phase corrosion inhibition. VpCI prevents corrosion in crevices, recesses, deep cavities, and head-spaces when lubrication oils settle during shutdown periods as long as six months. In turn, draining and flushing systems are eliminated.

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