Machine Design

Adhesive Agent Locks And Seals

Expand-A-Seal ES0105 features a chemical-adhesive agent that, when activated, expands volumetrically 20 to 50% to fill gaps and voids within the fastener's threads for a positive seal against air and fluids.

The material works on any size interior or exterior threaded fastener, and needs only be applied to one side of the mating parts for effective sealing and locking. Expand-A-Seal even fills gaps that result from the use of oversized fastener threads or fastener deformation that occurs during welding. The material was tested on straight threads under 115-psi strain without compromising sealing capacity. Full cure is achieved in 24 hr at room temperature.

ND Industries Inc., 1893 Barrett, Troy, MI 48084, (248) 288-0000,

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