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Adhesives Replace Metal on Galvenized Welding

Flex Welder FC and Dev-Thane 5 adhesives bond galvanized, galvanneal, and Galvalume metals.

They can replace welding, save time and labor, and minimize distortion of thin panels for truck trailers, truck and bus bodies, and metal signs. Flex Welder FC is a fast-curing methacrylate for quickly and permanently assembling components that will flex or see shock, vibrations, or temperature variations up to 250°F. It can also form load-bearing bonds with high peel and shear strengths to nylons, composites, and other plastics. It needs little surface prep, fills gaps up to 3/8 in., has a 1:1 mix ratio, and can be applied manually or with pneumatic guns. Dev-Thane 5, a urethane-based adhesive, withstands temperatures to 180°F and forms tough, flexible bonds to metals, rubber, wood, foam, EPS, and ABS plastics. It is a primerless, two-part thixotropic paste with a 15-min pot life. It fixtures in about 15-min and fully cures in 3 hr at room temperature with 2.1-kpsi tensile and 400-pli tear strengths.

Devcon, 30 Endicott St., Danvers, MA 01923, (800) 933-8266,

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