Machine Design

Adjustable-length lineshafting

The EZV Series of adjustable-length line shafting is made from high-strength precision-aluminum tubes for a high degree of straightness and lateral rigidity.

The system can span up to 15 ft without an intermediate support bearing.

Each end has a set of precision-machined curved jaws with a pretensioned elastomer insert loaded between them. Removable coupling ends require only one additional component to adapt to an alternate bore diameter. One of two lengths of the tubing telescopes into the other and a high-strength keyless clamping collar locks them together. A close-fitting shoulder on the end of the smaller tube supports its own weight against the inside wall of the larger tube. As the tubing is cut to length, the available range of length varies, growing larger as the overall length dimension increases.

Based on the shore hardness of the elastomer insert, four versions are available in sizes to accommodate torque ranges of 10 to 2,150-Nm (88.5 to 19,027 lb-in.). Bores are available with or without keyways and in English and metric sizes of 5 to 80 mm (¼ to 3.125 in).

R+W America, 1120 Tower Lane, Bensenville, IL 60106, (888) 479-8728,

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