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Adjustable Servocouplings

Servomax EZ2 Series line-shaft couplings feature backlash-free, vibration damping elastomer inserts and high-strength, torsionally rigid aluminum tubes.

The couplings can span distances from 0.1 to 4 m without center supports and transmit torques from 10 to 450 Nm. Overall length can be adjusted to fit a range of different sizes. Standard versions are cut to order and available in approximately two weeks An elastomeric element press fit between two sets of precision-machined jaws gives zero backlash and guarantees concentricity. Elastomers come in three different shore values, letting users specify damping effects required for an application. The insert also electrically insulates the two coupling halves.

R+W America L.P., 1120 Tower Lane, Bensenville, IL 60106, (630) 521-9911,

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