Machine Design

Aerosol machine cuts tubes fast

Automated machine assembles up to 600 tubes and valves per minute.

A new continuous motion aerosol tube cutting and assembly machine from Laginel S.A., Douvres La D?livrande, France, connects up to 600 tubes to aerosol valves per minute.

The machine continuously monitors parts, tube insertion, and assembly of as many as 400 parts, up to 12-in. long, per minute with the possibility of higher speeds for shorter lengths.

The machine accepts a range of tubes from 0.1 to 0.18 in., with custom sizes available. It also accepts tubing spools of 12 to 20 in. in diameter and can adapt to other diameters or storage systems. The spool support mounts on a separate frame, and two spools can mount on a single machine for quick changeover during production. Cutting length and fitting depth adjust to an accuracy of ?0.2 in.

The machine is typically used for valves and pumps for paint, medicine, perfumes, and similar products. Downtime is guaranteed to be less than 5% of production time.

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