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Motion System Design

Aerospace manufacturing takes off with high-speed, five-axis machining.

Aerospace applications present some of the toughest challenges to machine-tool builders. As quickly as possible, complex shaped parts must be cut to exacting tolerances from high-strength, lightweight materials. In many instances, surface qualities must be optimized on the first pass.

Computer numerical control, originally developed for aerospace manufacturing, continues to help machine builders keep pace. One machine builder, Henri-LinÈ, Granby, Québec, Canada, owes its success to CNC technology from Siemens, Elk Grove Village, Ill. Using SINUMERIK 840D CNCs, Henri- LinÈ has developed a line of high-speed, five-axis machining stations that are quickly becoming the norm at Airbus and throughout the industry.

The machine builder selected SINUMERIK controllers because they offer several powerful functions including special machine kinematics, five-axis transformation, orientation interpolation, high-performance 3-D tool correction, and manual five-axis control. They also offer an open architecture that's particularly well suited for networking and software integration. Software sharing takes advantage of NURBS and Spline Interpolation, boosting productivity without compromising precision or surface finish.

For more information on SINUMERIK CNCs, contact John Meyer at (847) 640-1595 or via e-mail at [email protected]. You can also visit Siemens' Machine Tool home page at

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