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Machine Design

Air-Bearing Gantry

The ABG10000 air-bearing gantry is said to offer high performance and versatility in a range of automation applications

, including high-speed pick and place, automated assembly, vision inspection, and dispensing. BLM Series brushless linear servomotors offer speeds to 1 m/sec and accelerations of 0.5 g. A rugged, noncontact optical linear encoder provides feedback. The air bearings are magnetically preloaded and assembled to provide optimized stiffness and load distribution over a large surface area. Opposing thin-film pressure maintains the bearing nominal gap tolerance. The result is a stage with high stiffness suitable for heavy or offset loading. Noncontact linear motors mean there is no backlash, wear, or maintenance.

Aerotech Inc.,
101 Zeta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238,
(412) 967-6854,

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