Machine Design

Air Filter/Plenum Combos

Air filters with perfectly matched aluminum plenums direct the air and concentrate it on the exact components that need maximum cooling inside enclosures.

Plenums can be designed and manufactured to almost any shape, size, or other design requirements. Decorative finishes, such as epoxy powder coating can be specified to match enclosure colors. Chromate or irridite finishes are available for corrosion protection. Filter media include Quadrafoam and Quadrafoam II material that complies with requirements of Telcordia GR-63-CORE and GR-487-CORE for flame, fungus, and corrosion resistance. This combination will meet stringent flame safety requirements of UL 94 with a zero-fungus-growth rating. Metal components can be treated with special chromate or irridite finishes for corrosion protection. The filter materials are rated UL 94 HF-1, cleanable and reusable, and available in black, gray, or green colors. Both feature deep loading, increased dustholding capacity, and low air resistance.

Universal Air Filter Co., 1624 Sauget Industrial Pkwy., Sauget, IL 62206, (800) 541-3478,

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