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Machine Design

Aluminum-Framing System

The Series-60 aluminum-framing system challenges steel in heavy-duty machine supports, frame-building, linear-motion, and material-handling applications.


Its high-strength 60 3 60-mm cross section and multiples up to 120 3 240 mm handle extreme loading, torsion, and deflection, replacing designs requiring welded box-section-steel machine-frame structures. Aluminum also eliminates labor-intensive costs associated with welded-steel construction. Features include: 14-mm T-slots that permit the use of M12 connecting elements which withstand 2.5 times the load of customary M8 screw joints; angle connections with M12 to support a vertical load of 1,250 lb; use of 6005T6 alloy versus commonly used 6063T6 for 10% higher stiffness; and full compatibility with existing framing Series 25, 40, and 50. Assembly components include angle brackets, gussets, leveling pads, base plates, hinges, end caps, T-slot closures, and cosmetic dress or safety covers.

mk Automation Engineering Inc.,
105 Highland Park Dr., Bloomfield, CT 06002,
(860) 769-5500,

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