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Machine Design

Analog Linear Sensors

The new R-Series analog sensor can produce outputs for two independent magnet marker positions simultaneously.

It can also measure a single magnet marker position and velocity. The speed range is 25 mm/sec to 10 m/sec with speed-sensing resolution reduced to 0.1 mm/sec. These analog sensors can be factory or field configured and come with three options for field programming: handheld, DIN-rail mounted, and PC based. They include a reduced electronic housing length that is independent of measurement stroke, a 100-g survivability rating for shock, and 15-g continuous operation rating for vibration. Further protection comes from double EMI shielding for EMC immunity and enhanced security protection, including polarity to 30 Vdc and overvoltage to 36 Vdc.

MTS Systems Corp., 3001 Sheldon Dr., Cary, NC 27513, (919) 677-0100,

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