Machine Design

Angular Rate Sensor

Compact ARS-20 MERG angular rate sensors from ATA Sensors, Albuquerque, N. Mex., based on Magnetohydrodynamic technology, measure angular motion from 0 to >250 Hz with a range of 200°/sec. At less than 1 in. in diameter, 1.6 in. high, and weighing less than 6 oz, the sensors handle temperatures of —60 to 65°C. They operate on 10-Vdc power and have outputs of 22.5 mV/deg/sec. No moving parts, stainless-steel cases, hermetically sealed construction, and fully encapsulated electronics let the sensors withstand operating shock limits of more than 1,000 g, survive limits of more than 3,000 g, and operate in harsh environments. They also have low cross-axis and linear acceleration sensitivity and are unaffected by static g loads.

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