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Machine Design

Antibacklash Leadscrews

Nonball leadscrews called the VHD Series eliminate drag and wear associated with high preload forces.

The antibacklash assembly is designed for smooth, quiet operation and long life, providing low drag torque by making use of a patented axial take-up mechanism, creating a stiff spacer that will continually expand to accommodate wear during use. The self-lubricating VHD Series does not require grease to operate and therefore reduces noise and dust in the workplace. Available leads range from 1.27 mm/0.050 to 92 mm/3.6-in. lengths, which go up to 4 m/160 in. VHD Series screws are 303-stainless steel, with an optional extended life coating.

Kerk Motion Products Inc.,1 Kerk Dr., Hollis, NH 03049, (603) 465-7227,

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