Machine Design

Antibacterial Bearings

NHBB ultrahigh speed bearings integrate antimicrobial silver plating into their composite metal-polymer retainer.

The retainers have been primarily tested in bearings used for dental hand pieces, with ongoing research and development for medical devices. This technology can extend the operational life of a medical or dental bearing and reduce hospital-related infections. The composite metal-polymer retainer boosts the operational life of the bearing up to 70% in extreme environments, the manufacturer claims. The retainers help overcome lubrication problems by combining the solid-film lubricating properties of the silver with the strength and durability of the polymer. The retainers feature antifriction properties, thermal stability, and low moisture absorption.

New Hampshire Ball Bearings Inc., 175 Jaffrey Rd., Peterborough, NH 03458, (603) 924-4100,

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