Total Design Show goes West

Oct. 24, 2002
Total Design Solutions West, run-ning Nov. 5 to 7 at the Santa Clara Convention Center...

Total Design Solutions West, running Nov. 5 to 7 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif., is the third in a series of Total Design Solutions trade shows and conferences geared toward design engineers, design-engineering management, manufacturing engineers, systems integrators, engineering consultants, mechanical and electrical engineers, and distribution management.

According to the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, the setting for the show, Santa Clara County, ranks second among large metropolitan areas as a world-class manufacturing community based on manufacturing strength and the high productivity of area workers. And with almost 150 exhibitors and 15 conference sessions, there's no other show like TDS in northern California.

A conference complements the show by presenting hot topics in design and manufacturing engineering. The program, developed by the editors of sponsoring publications, covers the basics to the latest. Sponsoring publications include MACHINE DESIGN, Medical Design News, Design Mart, Motion Systems Design, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, New Equipment Digest, and Packaging Design Engineer.

To learn more about the event, visit or contact Jim Cloonan, show manager, at [email protected]

Conference Program

Session 1: Controls Simulation: A Powerful Tool for Improved Design
Ryan Withop, MSC Software Corp.

Learn how 3D CAD and mechanical-simulation products help controls engineers take advantage of virtual models. Because the machine is still in the design phase, controls engineers can recommend changes to make the machine more controllable, and they can instantly run a new controls simulation through the connection between controls, motion, and CAD software.

Session 2: Sharing Personalized Design Data Across the Design Chain Tanuj Bansal, Autodesk

This session addresses the need for manufacturing companies to keep their design data in digital form throughout the entire productdevelopment process. Attendees will learn how to take advantage of today's technology to get existing products to market faster and at lower cost, while still developing new and innovative products. The session explores the role of CAD data in the digital design process and examines how the shift to 3D modeling is making data more accessible to all members of the supply chain.

Session 3: Microsystems as an Emergent Commercial Solution Base
Dr. Steven Walsh, president, MANCEF, and director of Technological Entrepreneurship, University of New Mexico

Learn how microelectromechanical systems and microsystem technologies can solve tough commercial problems. Find out about current and potential applications for microsystems and how designers and systems integrators can use the new technologies to provide more value to customers.

Session 4: The Mechanics of Microbial Barrier
Earl T. Hackett Jr., research associate, DuPont Medical Packaging

This presentation discusses the aerodynamic principles involved in passing microbes through sterile barrier materials. New test methodologies and supporting data will be presented.

Session 5: PC-Based Control: An Overview
Steven Sorensen, vice president and CTO, Cimetrix Inc.

This session focuses on practical application issues involving PCbased control, including choosing hardware, software, operating systems, networking schemes, and protocols. It also analyzes the ramifications of different choices as they apply in measurable ways — regarding speed, precision, accuracy, and programmability.

Session 6: Benefits Provided to the OEM from Early Supplier Involvement
Debbie Kirihara, Phillips Plastics Corp.

Learn how early project involvement by suppliers helps optimize time-to-market, design for manufacture, and assembly. By unifying the concepts of industrial, manufacturing, and engineering design, part-to-part consistency is achieved at competitive costs with reduced lead-times by OEMs in a broad range of markets.

Session 7: The Move Toward Personal Visualization
Bjrn Andersson, group manager of Graphics and Visual Media Products, Sun Microsystems Inc.

Technical markets require highquality visualization to make the most informed decisions. Out of traditional workstation-based graphics and large-scale visualization centers, a new market, personal visualization, is emerging. Users can visualize complex data on the desktop, improve productivity, and reduce cycle time. This session will explore strategies for bringing high-end visualization to the desktop and illustrate the benefits of personal visualization.

Session 8: An Approach to Medical Device Design Control Inspection
Dr. Laurence Upjohn, medical device scientist, Food and Drug Branch, California Dept. of Health Services.

Learn about some of the tools the California Dept. of Health Services, Food and Drug Branch investigators use to evaluate design control in medical-device manufacturing. Hear a brief history on the development of these tools and how they relate to the inspection strategies of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Session 9: Making the Move from 2D to 3D Design
Rak Bhalla, Autodesk

This session addresses how 3D design is revolutionizing the way manufacturers bring products to market. Learn the benefits of moving from 2D to 3D design, including better design visualization, automated drawing production, easier design revisions, integration with downstream applications, and reduced engineering cycle time.

Session 10: Tubular Linear Motors
Chuck Schultz, California Linear Devices

This session will discuss the technology of tubular linear motors and how they compare to hydraulics, pneumatics, and flat linear motors.

Session 11: Designing an Integrated PC-based Motion Control System
Andy Bell, National Instruments

This session describes the basic components of a PC-based motion system, as well as what to consider when choosing and integrating these components. Hardware and software issues will be discussed, as well as the integration of data acquisition and vision with the motion system.

Session 12: 3D Design for Every Engineer
Fielder Hiss, SolidWorks Corp.

The advent of 3D design has radically reshaped the solidmodeling world. Engineers can now quickly and easily create realistic images of complex products and parts. The session discusses the exploding 3D market and highlights several successful case studies within the medical industry.

Session 13: Grid Computing in Commercial Environments
Wolfgang Gentzsch, director of Grid Computing, Sun Microsystems Inc.

Grid computing is expanding into a powerful architecture and tool in commercial environments, delivering significant increases in resource utilization, and — with integration into Web services — the ability to remotely tap into data processed within the grid environment. This session covers enterprise grid-implementation strategies and demonstrates how grid computing helps designers increase efficiency and decrease time to market.

Session 14: Competitive Advantage through Supply Chain Performance Management
Jason Amaral, SeeCommerce

Competitive advantage is best achieved by taking action in real time to resolve or prevent expensive supply-chain problems and better manage new-product introductions. To meet this need, companies are turning to supplychain performance-management applications. Learn how these applications synchronize the supply chain and provide greater visibility, efficiency, and collaboration.

Session 15: Finite-Element Analysis: An Overview Suchit Jain, Structural Research & Analysis Corp. (SRAC)

Finite-element analysis (FEA) allows engineers to virtually simulate realworld conditions, thereby identifying potential design problems early in the design cycle. With FEA, designs can be checked for safety and reliability, and physical prototype testing can be eliminated or reduced.

A & B Die Casting Corp.
AeroTron Mfg. Co.
Air Exchange Inc.
Altair Technologies Inc.
Arc Gas Products
Aro Metal Stamping
AW Company
BC Tech Inc.
Belt Technologies
Berger Mfg.
Bisco Industries
CAD Graphics
California Caster
Cameron Micro Drill Presses
Celesco Transducer Products Inc.
Clancy Machine Tool
Clark Automation Mfg. Co. Inc.
Computed Tool & Engineering Inc.
Control Plastics Inc.
Cut Craft Inc.
David Schnur Associates Inc.
Diablo Sales & Marketing Inc.
Dillon Force Measurement
Doo-Wah Products
DyCast Specialties Corp.
E.N. Murray
East Side Plating
EDC of Shasta County
EGC Enterprises Inc.
EMC Group
Freetech Plastics Inc.
Gage Industries Inc.
Gilroy Economic Development Corp.
Hantel Technologies Inc.
Harmony Castings
Hobson & Motzer Inc.
HS&S Automation & Metrology
Hydraulic Parts Source
IC Fluid Power Inc.
Interface Associates International Fluid Power of America
Kenbil Engineering
Lorring & Associates
Lustre-Cal Nameplate Corp.
Magnus Caster-Pro
MCI Transformer Corp. West
Melmat Inc.
Melrose Nameplate & Label Co.
Metric & Multistandard Components Corp.
Microscan Systems Inc.
Motion Technologies
MSC Software Corp.
Murtaugh CAD/CAM
NB Corp. of America
Newmark Systems
Northwest Etch Technology
Northwestern Tools Inc.
Olflex Wire & Cable
Pacific Business Co.
Pacific Metal Stampings
Pacific States Felt & Mfg. Co.
Paneloc Corp.
PHI Enterprises Inc.
Phillips Plastics Corp.
Precision Metalsmiths Inc.
Precision Tool Distributors
Quest Technology/Form Physics
RB HybroDynamics
Robin Materials
Scicon Technologies
Smart Products Inc.
SolidWorks Corp.
Sonoma Metal Products Inc.
Southwest Fabricators
Stratasys Inc.
Stud Welding Products
Talco Inc.
Tangent Concepts
Truckee Precision
U.S. Tool Inc.
Upland Fab Inc.
Vacco Industries
Vaccon Co. Inc.
Viking Rubber Products Inc.
Wright Engineered Plastics

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