Mirror Stre-e-e-etches for Towing

Feb. 6, 2003
Extendable mirror helps with towing.

Mirror stre-e-e-etches for towing

To help drivers towing trailers or campers see what's behind them, a new side-view mirror extends up to 4.5 in. The view lets them see around trailers 102-in. wide. Graduated markings on the extending arm help remind drivers how much telescoping they'll need to see past the load. The telescopic Trailer Tow Mirror from Schefenacker Vision Systems Australia Pty Ltd. (www.ttt-mirro.com) fits recent Chevrolet, Dodge Ram, Ford, and GMC trucks. Normally black, it can be chrome plated or painted to match the vehicle.

Each unit has two mirrors, a large flat, main glass and a wide-view adjustable spotter mirror. The larger mirror lets drivers see past the widest legal loads on lanes 11-ft wide. The smaller, spotter mirror covers a 48° field of view. Both can be electrically heated. And LED turn signals are available on some mirrors, depending on the vehicles.

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