Brushless dc motor uses slotless design

Sept. 5, 2002
The brushless, slotless dc motors from Xtreme Energy, St. Petersburg, have all the advantages of slotless, brushless technology...

The brushless, slotless dc motors from Xtreme Energy, St. Petersburg, have all the advantages of slotless, brushless technology combined with a proprietary coil winding configuration that reduces current losses. The motor is also autoclavable, so it can be used in medical equipment that needs sterilizing between uses.

Being brushless, there are no mechanical contacts between the voltage source and the motor's rotating components, which reduces maintenance and potential for failure. It also reduces the electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI and RFI). The slotless design uses a basket winding inserted into a ring lamination with no teeth or slots. Therefore, rotation is smooth with virtually no cogging. The motor weighs less, has lower magnetic losses, and produces less heat.

Compared to slotted, brushless motors which are 30 to 70% efficient, Xtreme's are up to 95% efficient. They do not need a cooling fan and noise levels are low. They are also capable of speeds over 100,000 rpm, while other brushless, slotted dc motors can go no higher than 30,000 rpm. And while costs for other brushless, slotted motors range from $200 to $2,500, Xtreme's are available for $85 to $850, depending on size and quantities.

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