New Product: Pressure Sensor Film

March 6, 2008
Pressurex is a tactile-pressureindicating sensor film that quickly and accurately measures surface- pressure distribution and magnitude between mating or contacting surfaces.

In gasket and O-ring seal assemblies, it profiles interfacial contact, showing how surfaces engage and deform under stress and revealing sealing flaws and inconsistencies.

The product comes in thin, flexible plastic sheets and detects surface pressure from 2 to 43,200 psi. When loaded, it instantly and permanently changes color in proportion to the applied pressure. Comparing color intensity to a reference chart determines precise magnitude. It is also used to assess surface-contact irregularities in clamps, bolted joints, presses, welding heads, and clutch and brake assemblies. Free samples are available.

Sensor Products Inc.
300 Madison Ave.
Madison, NJ 07940
(800) 755-2201

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