Connecting wires quickly and without stripping

March 23, 2000
Before most wires are connected, they must be cut, stripped, and preassembled.

Before most wires are connected, they must be cut, stripped, and preassembled. This can be time consuming. Phoenix Contact's new QUiX Quick Connection Terminal Blocks are designed to save preparation time and money. Using the new connection system, conductors can be handled fast with no special tools. Wires no longer have to be stripped, and splice insulation is eliminated. Wiring is carried out by simply cutting wires to length and inserting them into a cavity. A screwdriver inserted into an adjacent cavity toggles a lever which displaces the insulation and makes electrical contact. Strain relief ribs within the housing and a snap fitting provide a permanent gastight and vibration-resistant connection. The QUiX system makes it possible to safely connect wires with cross sections of 0.5 to 1.5 mm2. Both stranded and solid wires connect quickly. Wiring can be modified anytime because the same terminal point can be used repeatedly.

QUiX metal terminal blocks are front loading and equipped with integrated test connections. Plug-in bridge shafts, in two and five positions with dual jumper channels, allow flexible bridging. Terminal blocks are available in feed through, disconnect, and ground-fuse versions.

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