Portable device inspects nooks and crannies

March 7, 2002
Safety regulations and maintenance requirements dictate that nuclear, hydro, and gas turbines be regularly inspected for loose parts and to check the integrity of the water lines, boilers, and heat exchangers.

Some of the places that must be checked, however, are dark, hot, or hard to get to. To simplify inspection on power plants, process facilities, water treatment sites, and other piping applications, Everest VIT in Flanders, N.J., has packaged its iView platform and accessories into a rugged portable device, the Recon Digital Inspection System.

It comes with a 1 or 1.75-in. high-resolution camera head, a high-power LED for illumination, and rigid cables to reach down pipes ranging in size from 1.25 to 16 in. in diameter. The camera head, as well as the 100 or 150-ft cables and lenses, can be changed in the field without tools. The system withstands temperatures to 120F, and is waterproof down to 200 ft. Digital images can be viewed, manipulated or stored for later viewing. A handheld pendant with a 6.4-in. LED screen lets users see what the camera sees and adjust the image. All of the equipment fits neatly in or on a rigid utility case that is equipped with wheels for portability. The case is arranged so that set-up time for inspections is essentially zero.

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