Multiaxis contouring allows complex motion-control performance

Dec. 7, 2000
Machine builders requiring multiaxis motion profiles often face complex solutions with high maintenance costs and significant downtime.
The addition of multiaxis contouring capability allows machine builders to create a full-featured CNC control system with a group of SmartMotors and a laptop PC.

By adding multiaxis contouring capability to its line of SmartMotors, Animatics Corp., Santa Clara, Calif., offers a cost-effective alternative that can perform motion profiles as complex as multiaxis splines or as simple as circular and linear interpolation.

The SmartMotor combines servomotor, controller, amplifier, encoder and PLC technologies into an integrated servomotion control system that offers high reliability, a small footprint, and simplified field service. CAD and G-Code host interfaces can turn a laptop computer and three SmartMotors into a complete three-axis CNC control system on the back of the machine, without a NEMA cabinet. CNC milling and turning, laser and water-jet cutting, glue layering, engraving or any application requiring circular interpolation and G-code compatibility benefit from the simplified solution. The contouring function employs PC resident drivers, and the system requires a PC with an RS-232 port.

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