Microbe-killing coatings

July 8, 2004
Stainless steel that's coated with antimicrobial material brings an added measure of cleanliness to undercounter lab, hospital, research, and clean-room appliances.

AK Coatings manufactures flat-rolled stainless and carbon steels coated with the AgION antimicrobial compound for use in appliances, medical equipment, HVAC, construction, and food processing. The coatings steadily supply silver ions to steel surfaces and should provide continuous antimicrobial properties as long as coatings remain intact.

The new line of refrigerators, freezers, and ice machines come from Marvel Scientific, Richmond, Ind. The steel appliances are coated with AgION antimicrobial compounds that contain silver ions. When activated by moisture these positively charged (Ag) ions provide a formidable defense for the control and spread of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Although silver in low concentrations is effective against microbes, the silver content in AgION is in concentrations too small to affect humans, pets, and other multicellular creatures.

Antimicrobial-coated steel, from AK Coatings, Middletown, Ohio, doesn't eliminate the need for cleaning all together, but Marvel notes that mild soap and water is sufficient to clean the appliances. This eliminates the need for aerosols or cleaning solutions that can contaminate the surrounding area.

Six models outfitted with antimicrobial-coated stainless steel include the 6CAR and 6CAD refrigerators, 15CM, 25CM, and 30CM ice machines, and 4CAF freezer. All models can be built into casework or installed under lab benches. Other product features include: audible and visual temperaturemonitor alarms with and without relay contacts; refrigerator and freezer thermometers; chart recorders mounted in a full wrap-door design; access ports; and electrical configurations for general-purpose, flammable-material, and hazardous-location units.

Marvel Scientific's antimicrobial-coated steel appliances are in use at the AK Steel Concept Home and City of Hope, one of the world's leading research and treatment centers for lifethreatening diseases.

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