Hold it down with air-driven hydraulic pumps

Feb. 21, 2002
An air-operated motor regulates hydraulic pressure in air hydraulic pumps from Enerpac.

An air-operated motor regulates hydraulic pressure in air hydraulic pumps from Enerpac.

A line of air hydraulic pumps ensures continuous pressure, superior productivity, and fail-free performance in a variety of hydraulic work-holding applications. The Turbo II series from En-

erpac, Milwaukee, includes six models with reservoir capacities of 2 and 5 liters. Each provides continuous pressure compensating for drops in pressure, temperature changes, and leaks.

Turbo II pumps maintain hydraulic pressures up to 700 bar with as little as 5.2 bar of air. They operate with air pressures ranging from 1.7 to 8.6 bar, letting them work with relatively little low air pressure. A patented air saver feature regulates air consumption to 340 liters/min at 5.2 bar — substantially below the closest alternative.

All Turbo II models feature precision on-demand stall/restart operation which lets pumps stall automatically when optimum operating pressures are reached, then restart when system pressure marginally drops. They also both have an external pressure-relief valve which is adjustable and an internal pressure relief valve. Both prevent overpressurization.

The pumps have cast-aluminum air motors for durability, higher operating speeds, superior efficiency, and long-lasting performance. The heavy-duty reservoirs are reinforced for dependable use in demanding industrial applications. Air and oil inlet filters reduce the risk of contamination.

For operator comfort and convenience, the pumps are lightweight, ranging from 8.2 to 12.7 kg. Air exhaust mufflers reduce operational noise levels to 75 dBa and a treadle accommodates either momentary or maintained operation.

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