Advantages of shock absorbers

Feb. 21, 2002
Shock absorbers have several advantages: 1.

Shock absorbers have several advantages:
1. Longer machine life: Shock absorbers significantly reduce shock and vibration on machinery. This decreases machinery damage, downtime, and maintenance cost.
2. Higher operating speeds: Machines that use shock absorbers can be operated at higher speeds because the shocks control or gently stop moving objects. Therefore, production rates can be increased.
3. Improved production quality: Harmful side effects of motion such as noise, vibration, and damaging impacts, are moderated or eliminated so production quality is improved. Tolerances and fits are also easier to maintain.
4. Safer machinery operation: Shock absorbers protect machinery and operators by providing predictable and controlled deceleration. Shocks can also be designed to meet specified safety standards.
5. Competitive advantage: Machines become more productive with longer lives, lower maintenance, and safer operations.

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