"Invisible" clamps grip hard-to-hold parts

Jan. 8, 2004
A heat-activated compound embedded in a paperlike 0.0005-in. thick holding medium is designed to keep precision parts parallel.

Developed by Mitee-Bite Products Co., Center Ossipee, N.H., the Mitee-Grip is said to be ideal for holding thin and hard-to-hold parts when conventional clamping will not do, and it allows machining on five sides of a workpiece without using a clamp.

Placing the compound between a subplate and workpiece and heating to 180 to 200°F bonds parts to the subplate with a holding force of 40 psi. After machining with coolant, reheating releases the workpiece.

It can also assist when machining thin-walled areas by holding backer plates in place to add mass and support. Afterwards they are removed without damaging the part.

The heat-activated, wax-based compound is available in several versions: embedded in precision paper, coated on nylon mesh, and in stick form. The paper product is for holding smooth, flat parts and maintaining parallelism. The mesh product captures additional wax material in the web and aides in holding irregular shaped parts. Typically, this version offers additional holding force. The stick-form material can be used in shallow cavities for holding concave, convex, and flimsy parts. Mitee-Grip bonds to steel, aluminum, glass, wood, and most plastics.

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Mitee-Bite Products Co., Box 430, Center Ossipee, NH 03814(800) 543-3580www.miteebite.com

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