Cyanoacrylate adhesive

Oct. 25, 2007
Fast-setting Permatex ZipGrip cyanoacrylate adhesives eliminate the need for fixturing.

The adhesives come in viscosities ranging from liquid for closefitting parts and porous substrates to gap-filling gels that stay in place even on inverted surfaces.

Uses for the general-purpose ZipGrip include silkscreening, rapid and high-strength plastic bonding, splicing O-rings, bonding weatherstripping, rubber-to-rubber bonding, rubber-to-metal bonding, and metalto- metal bonding. Viscosities range from 2 cps to a gel that fills gaps as wide as 0.010 in.

Surface-insensitive ZipGrip is specially formulated for fabrics and other difficult-to-bond surfaces, as well as plastics, metals, and rubber. It also works on porous or acidic substrates such as wood, leather, and fiberglass mat, even in dry environments. Some formulations wick into porous materials. Viscosities range from 30 cps to a gel that is effective on rough surfaces, fills gaps to 0.010 in., and offers maximum repositioning time.

Toughened ZipGrip provides greater temperature and impact resistance for bonded plastics, metals, wood, and rubber in harsh environments. These formulations offer increased flexibility, 3,700-psi tensile shear strength, and one resists service temperatures to 280°F. Viscosities range from 500 cps to a gel that fills gaps to 0.010 in.

Low-odor ZipGrip adhesive is a nonblooming, low-viscosity formulation that is suitable for bonding in closed environments.

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