Motors meet strict cleanliness requirements

Sept. 2, 2004
Motors used in the food and drug industries must meet strict regulations aimed at keeping the working environment clean.

To fulfill these requirements and provide a durable, reliable motor, engineers at Leeson Electric Corp., Grafton, Wis. (, designed the Premium Stainless Steel series. They are available in 0.5 to 10 hp with rigid C-face and faceless base mountings, and 1,140, 1,750, and 3,450-rpm ratings in TEFC and TENV enclosures. Leeson's proprietary inverted rated insulation system (Iris) is included on all rotors.

To keep things clean and bacteria free, there is nothing painted or coated on the stainless-steel exterior. The fullfact nameplate, for example, is laser etched into the motor frame. All seals, including O-rings, shaft seals, and gaskets, are made of Viton, a material that resists most washdown solutions. The number of exterior fasteners has been reduced to limit potential leak points. There are no rivets on the nameplate, for example. And bearing lock screws are inside the motor, while the mounting screws for the conduit box have been eliminated.

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