Miniature stepper has maximum power

Sept. 21, 2000
Permanent-magnet stepping motors are generally thought of as low-torque devices. But, thanks to Micro Mo Electronics Inc., Clearwater, Fla., that's all changed with its introduction of a powerful new mini stepper measuring just 8 mm in diameter.

Traditional stepping motor technology was developed primarily for low-torque, limited-life applications such as disk drives, paper feeds, and primitive indexing functions.

Because the new AM0820 ministepper uses powerful neodymium magnets and provides holding torques of up to 0.106 oz-in., it can be used in smaller, more demanding applications such as miniature positioning stages, analytical instruments, test and measurement equipment, micropumps, laboratory robotics, and medical electronics.

Additionally, the new mini stepper along with its larger counterparts, is compatible with 8 and 10-mm diameter gearheads with ratios ranging from 4:1 to 4,096:1.

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