Mini pump drives blood analyzer

Nov. 6, 2003
Advances in controls and networks combined with components that pack more punch have opened the door to more-precise, durable, and economical pneumatic systems.
Miniature CTS diaphragm pumps and compressors deliver up to 2.5 lpm flow.

To meet consumer demands for a compact, energy-efficient blood-analysis system, a leading medical-device manufacturer turned to Hargraves Technology, Mooresville, N.C. By applying more-efficient motors and advanced pump-head technology, Hargraves developed a micro vacuum pump and compressor that halved power consumption versus previous-generation blood analyzers.

The CTS miniature pump measures just 1.74-in. long by 1.27-in. high, yet delivers up to 2.5 lpm unrestricted flow, pressure to 24 psig, and vacuum service to 20-in. Hg. Three configurations include: brushless dc motors for long life, brush motors for low cost, and coreless motors for maximum energy efficiency. All are available in 6, 9, or 12-Vdc versions. Operating current varies from 50 to 500 mA, depending on motor type, voltage, flow, and pressure requirements.

The single-head micro diaphragm pumps and compressors feature an advanced proprietary diaphragm elastomer for long life. Ports are barbed to handle 1/8-in. flexible tubing.

They are dynamically balanced to minimize noise, operating at levels as low as 45 dB. The unit is suited for use with most gases over an operating temperature range of 5 to 50°C. The oil-free designs maintain system purity, and are commonly used on FDA-approved systems.

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