Looking Back: Eighty Years

April 7, 2009
The premier issue of Machine Design hit the streets in September 1929

The premier issue of Machine Design hit the streets in September 1929. The Publisher’s Mail Basket contained a letter from Robert T. Kent, Editor-in-Chief of Kent’s Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, in which he says, “I have read with a great deal of interest the prospectus of Machine Design. It is a most ambitious project and, if carried out according to the scheme outlined, one of great value not only to the engineering profession, but also to all people in every walk of life. ‘ Machine Design’ is an all-embracing title in this age of machinery.”

The issue contained the first of a series of drawings prepared exclusively for MD by Schroeder — “Great Moments in Machine Design” — symbolizing the designer’s contributions to the progress of mankind.

Articles in this issue included “Adjustments in Automatic Machines Test Skill of Designers,” “When Should Welding Be Employed in Machine Design?” “Photo Cell in Sorting Machine Excels Human Eye,” “Organization and Supervision of Design Department,” “How Castings Meet Designer’s Needs in Modern Machinery,” “Calculating Costs of Belts, Pulleys As Complete Driving Unit,” and “New Status of Standards Work to Benefit Design.”

Departments included the ever-popular Scanning the Field for Ideas; How is Business?; Review of Noteworthy Patents; Calendar of Meetings; Manufacturers’ Publications; Leaders in Design, Engineering, and Research; and Men of Machines – Personal glimpses of engineers, designers, and others whose activities influence design.

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