Pourable polyurethanes - Innovative Polymers Inc.

Dec. 7, 2010
The polymers, based on polyester and polyether/polyurea polyols, mix and gel at room temperature.

The HP-1000 and HP-2100 series of polyurethanes resist chemicals and solvents, dispense by hand or automated systems at room temperature, and cure at 150° or below.
HP-1000 polyester polyol-based polyurethanes mix in a 1:2 resin:hardener ratio and gel in 9 to 25 min at room temperature to translucent or white. They have Shore A hardnesses from 55 to 95, elongations from 660 to 800%, tensile strengths from 850 to 3,000 psi, and tear strengths of 130 to 325 pli. They lose 4 to 10 mg in Tabor abrasion-resistance tests.
HP-2100 polyether/polyurea polyol polyurethanes gel in 20 to 48 min to an amber color. Most have Shore A hardnesses between 65 and 99; HP-2160D has 55 to 65 Shore D hardness. Tensile strengths range from 1,000 to 5,000 psi, tear strengths from 195 to 643 pli, and elongation from 280 to 990%. Abrasion loss is 3 to 32 mg.

Innovative Polymers, Inc., 208 Kuntz St., Saint Johns, MI  48879, (800) 340-4563, www.innovative-polymers.com

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