Three-Finger Gripper

May 19, 2005
The PZN-plus three-fingered robotic gripper has higher load capacities, longer finger capability, and is more efficient than the previous model thanks to a redesigned jaw-guidance system.

It spreads the forces acting on the gripper over several surfaces of a multiple-tooth guide, letting finger length increase by up to 30%. Moment-loading capability is also increased, so higher external loads can be applied without damaging the gripper or interfering with operation. The gripper is available in five body sizes ranging from 60 to 64 mm. The grippers produce between 580 and 18,000 N of grip force with strokes from 12 to 50 mm. Each body size has multiple-stroke versions with ID or OD spring assist. For part loading against hard positions, a spring-packaged pressure plate is available.

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