Motion-Sysytems CD ROM

May 19, 2005
A multimedia CD ROM offers a series of interactive movies which overview ServoWire motion-control technologies.

The disc includes technical and product presentations covering the ServoWire motion and logic-control (SMLC) and ServoWire soft-motion (SM) products.

SMLC is an integrated system for motion and logic control using IEC 61131-3 software. It provides motion and I/O for up to 16 axes combining a Pentium-based controller, CoDeSys IEC 61131-3 programming tools, standard network interfaces, and FireWire-based motion and I/O-control networking.

ServoWire SM controls up to 16 servos directly from a standard PC using IEEE-1394. Operational programming is in Visual Basic, C/C++, or any program that acts as an ActiveX container.

Ormec Inc.,
19 Linden Park,
Rochester, NY 14625,
(585) 385-3520,

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