Cabling for 10-GBIT Ethernet

May 5, 2005
The IBDN System 10GX is an end-to-end UTP cabling system for 10-Gbit Ethernet.

Each cable has a filler twisted around four cable pairs and an internal crossweb. This increases and randomizes the distance between adjacent cables which greatly improves alien cross-talk coupling and return-loss channel characteristics. A patent-pending IDC design and patch panel-circuit layout positions each IDC at 90° to its neighbor, which cuts alien cross-talk between modules by 15 dB compared to traditional technology. The system includes an X-Bar to simplify installation and make it easy to maintain the proper conductor twist lays and prevent untwisting. A flexible circuit board within the control module lets compensation circuitry be placed at the point of plug contact to reduce delays between the cross-talk sources to reduce cross-talk at frequencies up to 625 MHz.

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