A Nastran For NX

March 17, 2005
FEA program NX Nastran V3 now sports a hierarchical distributed memory for parallel processing to simulate large-scale dynamics.

NX Nastran V3 has enhanced Cquadr/Ctriar shell, a membrane element, that is easier to use and more versatile than previous versions.

The feature allows up to 64 simultaneous CPUs in a cluster versus the previous eight. Also, complex eigen solvers provides up to a 40% improvement over NX Nastran V1 for typical complex dynamics applications, such as brake-squeal analysis, and rotor dynamics. An advanced nonlinear module (Solution 601) is based on a nonlinear structural analysis solver from Adina. Postprocessing reduces the amount of results data that must be stored during the analysis eliminates additional postprocessing outside the system.

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