Pneumatics Fittings Program From Rexroth

June 7, 2006
With the QR1 series, Rexroth provides a comprehensive inch and metric (ISO-G) program for its pneumatic components. In addition to the Mini and Standard programs, the complete fitting program also includes various function fittings.

The perfect complement to high-quality machine elements is a range of first-class connection pieces. The QR1 (Quick Release) series includes connections for all types of applications. Push-in fittings are equipped with a plastic release ring that enables fast connection and release of compressed air tubing. The Rexroth QR1 series features a user-friendly oval release ring, making them easier to use than standard push-in fittings. The Mini design has been created for plastic tubing ODs of 1/8" to ¼" and 3-6 mm. This variety of fittings is completely new at Rexroth and rounds out the product spectrum specifically for the small handling sector. The Standard fittings can be used for tubing ODs of 5/32" to ½" and 4-16 mm.

Straight, with an elbow or Y-coupling, as a threaded or push-in version: QR1 has the right solution for a variety of applications. Products such as check, ball and flow control valves are also included in the range of function fittings.

No matter whether they are completely new or simply a part of the program expansion, all components in the QR1 series have several high-quality features in common: NPT fittings are equipped with thread sealant, metric ISO-G fittings have a captive O-ring that makes it possible to release the connector several times without any problem and with low torques. Even the smallest fittings from the Mini program are easy to handle, as a raised gripping surface has been integrated on the oval release ring.

Eric Deist, Account Coordinator
681 Commerce Street
Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Phone: (630) 654-0170, Ext. 160
Fax: (630) 654-0302
E-mail: [email protected]

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