Power Management

May 19, 2005
Two new series of power-management products are the STR-A61xx low-standby input power SMPS primary switchers in DIP-8 packages, and the STR-W67xx quasi-resonant topology ICs with low-EMI noise and bottom skip function.

Targeted for consumer, communication, industrial, and home-appliance markets, A61xx models are PRC topology ICs (fixed off-time and variable on-time control) for low-output power SMPS design. Output is up to 20 W at universal input or 24 W at 230-Vac input. An auto-standby feature reduces input power to less than 50 mW at 230 Vac. Overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, thermal-shutdown, and an avalanche-guaranteed MOSFET provide system-level reliability.

The STR-W67xx Series include quasi-resonant topology ICs designed for SMPS power supplies. The device is packaged in a fully molded TO-220 with controller chip and MOSFET, for output power up to 140 W at universal input or 240 W at 230 Vac input. A bottom-skip function skips the first bottom of VDS and turns on the MOSFET at the second bottom point, minimizing operational frequency at light output load. Two standby functions reduce input power at light output load. The W67xx Series is targeted for the consumer-electronic, PC, industrial, and home-appliance markets.

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