Fluid-Metering Pump

Aug. 19, 2004
The IDS-2000ARH pump is CE approved and combines valveless piston pumping with precision stepper control.


It has only one moving part, a single rotating and reciprocating piston made from dimensionally stable, chemically resistant ceramics. It handles all fluid-control functions while eliminating drift and valves that clog, fatigue, and fail. The electronics give users multiple dispense and continuous modes, and interface with PCs or PLCs. An easy-grip, flow-control ring graduated in 450 divisions adjusts piston stroke, resulting in accuracies of 1% or better. The low dead-volume pumphead design ensures maximum bubble clearing and provides a typical stroke-to-stroke precision of 0.5% or better. It dispenses 0 to 100 l per stroke at up to 50 ml/min. continuous metering and pressures to 100 psig. The pump and electronics are housed in a stainless-steel enclosure suitable for wall mounting.

Fluid Metering Inc.,
5 Aerial Way, Suite 500, Syosset NY 11791,
(516) 922-6050,

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