New Products: Two-Finger Parallel Grippers

Sept. 11, 2008
The EGN 80 and 160 servoelectric two-finger parallel grippers have 8 and 16-mm strokes/finger, respectively.

Gripping force, speed, position, and acceleration of the gripper fingers can be adjusted and controlled. Designed for high payloads, the grippers can handle heavy components with gripping forces of up to 1,000 N. Prepositioning the gripper fingers permits short closing times and high cycle rates.

The EGN gripper line features MCS, an external controller, for easy programming, pre-configuration, and implementation. Command libraries can be also be created with the MCS for use with other modules. A Bluetooth interface permits modifying the behavior of the controlled components from a central location.

Schunk Inc.
211 Kitty Hawk Dr.
Morrisville, NC 27560
(800) 772-4865

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