Pin-locating clamp

June 16, 2005
The Series PLC pin-locating clamp locates, clamps, and supports parts in weld areas.

The pneumatically powered actuator's rugged and fully enclosed design protects against weld slag and contaminants. A built-in locking mechanism locks the pin in any position to secure parts should air pressure be lost or removed. Additional benefits include: 12.5-mm clamping stroke allows shimmable part support for easy height setup, part support height adjusts with North American Automotive Standard (NAAMS) shims, short pin length for blind applications, fully field repairable, and an optional strip-off cylinder allows on-demand control of the clamp fingers without moving the main pin. A standard ac or dc weld-field immune switch mounted in a protective housing provides consistent open and closed sensing.

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Box 9070
Fort Wayne, IN 46899
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