Mechanical Product: Low-Profile Five-Axis Clamping

April 10, 2008
The low-profile clamping system allows more part clearance for continuous five-axis cutting motions.

The VB 5AX100 clamps the workpiece at 100 mm above the machine table with up to 40 kN of force.

Two jaws, one stationary and one movable, are connected with a tension spindle under the workpiece. Putting the spindle close to the workpiece minimizes jaw deflection, machine table distortion, and part misalignment.

The jaws can clamp pieces from 2 to 236-mm wide. Optional screws extend the width to fit any workpiece within the machining center envelope. Clamping depth is 8 mm. Mounting blocks for standard T-slot tables, location grid machine tables, or custom fixtures are available.

Kurt Mfg. Co., Industrial Products Div.
1325 Quincy St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(877) 226-7823

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