New Product: Solvent-Free Vacuum-Infusion Bonding

July 10, 2008
The Vac-Tac solvent-free adhesive system is a candidate for vacuum-infusion bonded composites.

The system consists of a TEC 6300 spray hot-melt glue gun, 20 ft (6 m) of hose, and Vac- Tac adhesive in a hot-melt cartridge. The glue-gun connects to an air and electrical supply, the adhesive melts inside the glue gun chamber, and once melted can be sprayed directly onto one of the substrates. The gun adjusts to a variety of spray patterns and coating widths. Once the reinforcement materials are positioned, resin and vacuum-feed pipes can be positioned using the same adhesive system, speeding this part of the infusion laying process.

The solvent-free adhesive releases less VOCs than traditional aerosol adhesives and lets designers build composite structures faster than alternative methods. The strong and durable adhesive reportedly holds large composite structures in place as well as typical vacuum processing products including reinforced fabrics, foam, balsa, bleeders, breathers, peel plies, and release films.

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