New Products: Force-multiplying cylinder

Jan. 10, 2008
A 4-in. bore, 5-in. stroke forcemultiplying air cylinder accommodates crimping requirements for small-parts automotive assembly.

The unit’s four pistons, attached to a common shaft, are isolated within their own chamber by baffles integral with the outer cylinder wall. Special internal porting lets supply air simultaneously pressurize all four pistons on the extend stroke, delivering 4,720 lb of force to the crimping dies at 100-psi supply. Only the front piston sees air pressure on the retract stroke as the dies retract with minimal force. To prevent contamination in extremely corrosive environments on extend strokes, the exhausting air from the baffles routes through a filter. A custom mounting/bearing block combination, with eight preloaded and sealed linear ball bearings, supports four hardened, precision-ground guide shafts and a steel mounting plate for the crimp die. Brackets attach the proximity sensors that send extend and retract signals back to the controller.

Fabco-Air Inc., 3716 N.E. 49th Ave., Gainesville, FL 32609, (352) 373-3578,

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