New Product: Timing-belt drives

Oct. 11, 2007
The self-guiding Conidrive timing-belt drives consist of an N10 belt and pulley system that has an offset conical projection profile on the bearing surface for positive fit, eliminating the need for guiding aids.

The 10-mm-pitch belts are nondirectional as they have the same meshing in both directions of belt travel. The polygon-free belts contact flat belt areas, permitting smooth roll around pulleys and minimizing noise and vibration. The products are made from polyurethane reinforced with steel tensile cords. The belts come in double and triple-row configurations with 500 to 1,000-mm endless belt lengths.

Available in single, double, and triple-row versions with nonchordal action, Conidrive pulleys incorporate Fairloc integral hubs. The hubs consist of one radial and one angular slot machined into the hub to create a transverse wedge that remains attached on one side of the hub’s solid portion. This cantilevered clamping section has a tapped hole for a cap screw that passes through the clearance hole into the solid portion of the hub and into a threaded hole in the transverse wedge section.

Stock Drive Products, 2101 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, NY 11042, (516) 328-3300,

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