Impact-Resistant Epoxies

Feb. 9, 2006
Five epoxy-based adhesives join the Scotch-Weld 72xx B/A Series.

The two-component adhesives bond numerous materials, cure at room temperature, and resist chemicals. Scotch-Weld 7240 B/A FR (flame-retardant) structural adhesive bonds steel, aluminum, or fiber-reinforced-composite materials such as SMC or pultrudates. The high-strength, halogen-free product has a working time of 45 min and gets hard to the touch after about 5 hr. Scotch Weld 7260 B/A retains its strength at high temperatures and resists aging. It adheres metals and other surfaces, can be worked for up to 8 hr, and gets hard to the touch after 18 hr. Scotch-Weld 7260 B/A NS (Non Sag), a nonflowing adhesive works on vertical surfaces and fills gaps. When used as reinforcing filler, it resists high pressures. For rapid setting, there are two fast-cure options Scotch-Weld 7260 B/A FC (fast cure) and 7260 B/A FC NS.

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