Brushless-DC motor

Sept. 13, 2007
The Smoovy Series 0308...B brushless-dc motor uses System Faulhaber skewed winding in combination with a neodymium-rare-earth magnet rotor for cog-free motion.

Jewel bearings comprise the motors bearing system. The 3 x 8-mm motor weighs 0.33 gm. The device outputs a continuous torque to 0.014 mNm at speeds to 15,000 rpm. For a complete miniature-drive system, the motor can be combined with a gearbox and linear actuator. An available 3-mm-diameter plastic planetary gearhead with various reduction ratios allows for continuous output torque up to 0.88 mNm and 1.32 mNm in intermittent operation. The linear actuator consists of a M1.6 x 0.2 high-precision leadscrew.

MicroMo Electronics Inc., 14881 Evergreen Ave., Clearwater, FL 33762, (727) 572-0131,

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