CNC Presses

Feb. 22, 2007
The CNC-controlled Module 416 with PressControl 4000 Sequence/Monitor Controller offers a peak load of 1,125 lb, 675-lb continuous duty load, up to 7.87 in. of ram stroke, and maximum ram speed of 7.874 ips.

The head unit has an embedded load cell and amplifier for force feedback and a 16-bit resolver for tracking the ram-stroke position. The system's internal servodrive and data-acquisition system provide closed-loop force and position control of the ServoPress ram. A mechanical clutch protects the ball-screw spindle and motor drive in the event of premature load or crash. The precision-ground, stainless-steel, square ram is flange mounted and roller-bearing guided.

Schmidt Technology,
Cranberry Corp. Center, Cranberry Township., PA 16066,
(800) 959-1218,

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