Miniture Surface-Mount Crystals For Automotive Applications

March 17, 2005
Two series of surface-mount crystal units, NX5032GA and NX8045GB, provide clock signal sources for CPUs in automotive powertrains and safety-control devices.

The crystals are available in a frequency range of 8 to 40 MHz with a frequency tolerance (at 25°C) of ±50 ppm. They operate over a broad temperature range (40 to 150°C) and exhibit superior environmental characteristics including high vibration and impact resistance. NX5032GA measures just 5.0 X 3.2 mm with a typical height of only 1.3 mm while NX8045GB measures 8.0 X 4.5 mm with a height of 1.8 mm. Drive level for the crystals is 10 W with a standard load capacitance of 8 pF. Maximum equivalent series resistance at 8 to 10 MHz is 220 and at 10 to 40 MHz is 150 Delivered in a ceramic lead-free package, they meet requirements for reflow profiling using lead-free solder. Applications for the crystals include electroniccontrol units, remote keyless entry, tire-pressuremonitor systems, and air-bag systems. Samples may be ordered at no cost.

NDK America Inc.,
701 Crystal Pkwy.,
Belvidere, IL 61008,
(800) 635-9825,

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