New Product: Valve with M12 connetor eliminates conduit ruins

Oct. 11, 2007
The Isys HA (26-mm) and HB (18-mm) ISO 15407-1 valves have a central four-pin M12 connector that provides a single electrical connection for single and double solenoids through a cord set linked to an M12 fieldbus output module or I/O distribution block.

The cord set eliminates conduit runs and wire pulling and eases line management.

The Isys M12 version is a multifeatured design that includes 15407-2 HB/HA and 5599-2 H1/2/3 plug-in valves with collective wiring, and 15407-1 HB/HA and 5599-1 H1/2/3 nonplug-in valves with individual connectors. The M12 connector is available with 18-mm and 26-mm valve sizes for use with industry- standard cables. The 18 and 26-mm manifolds come in two-station multiples, cutting the number of baseto- base electrical and pneumatic connections. The IsysNet Field Bus System provides communication between the valve’s pneumatic and electrical components.

The Isys eConfigurator, a 3D CAD manifold configuration system, is said to reduce the time it takes to configure a manifold, with drawings and a bill of materials, by 80%.

Parker Hannifin Corp., Pneumatic Div., 8576 East M-89, Richland, MI 49083, (269) 629-5000,

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